Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tax Preparer Resume

Tax preparers are professionals that help their clients to prepare and file taxes. These professionals should have through knowledge about state, local and federal tax codes. The aim of these professional is to get maximum benefit for their clients. Most employers are seeking candidates with work experience and academic background in finance and accounting. To apply for any job, you need a resume. Hence, you need to first make a list of important details that you want to mention in your tax preparer resume.

Following are the sections you can divide your tax preparer resume int
  • Contact Details: You need to mention contact details in your resume such as your name, complete residential address with zip code, contact number and email address. The recruiter needs these details to contact you in case you are short listed for the next round. Hence, mentioning incorrect detail would lead to loss of job opportunities.
  • Job Objective: The job objective section of the resume should include short description of your goal to become a tax preparer. You can also mention the kind of organization you would like to work in 
  • Work Experience: In this section, you need to provide your professional experience details. Most employers expect the tax preparers to travel and interact with clients. Hence, through your previous work experience details communicate that you are comfortable with traveling and client interaction. In today's world of technological development, computers are used in almost every field. Hence, including knowledge of computers and various taxing, accounting softwares is important
  • Education and Training: Mention your most recent training or education detail at the top. Entry level candidates should stress on their academic achievements. You can even mention details of awards you received in any extra-curricular activities. 
  • Skills: To interact with clients, a person needs good communication skills. Hence, mentioning interpersonal skill is as important as mentioning professional skills. Let the employer know about your leadership skills, convincing skills and ability to work in a team.
  • Areas of Interests: You can mention details about your community work or hobbies. It helps the employer to know about your complete personality development. 
  • References: References are listed at the end of resume. These details are mentioned so that the recruiter can do background verification. Since many candidates provide fake information in their resume, background verification has become a vital part of recruitment process.

You can use the details provided above to draft a unique, customized tax preparer resume. Your resume sample should focus on your work experience details, academic qualifications, skills and achievements. While you concentrate on the professional appearance of the resume, make sure it is simple too. Proof reading the resume is vital as most recruiter will reject your candidature, if they find spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and typing mistakes in your resume.

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