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Press Secretary Resume

To portray its positive image to the people of the country, government appoints professionals who could represent them while dealing with media, public and members of the council. The incumbent who performs this role is called a press secretary. The press secretary officially controls a government agency, private organization or a company. They serve as the public relations officers handling all the communication tasks. Because of the high profile nature of the job, more and more people are getting attracted to be at the helm of the organization. If this sounds interesting to you, get ready to land this prestigious job with an impressive press secretary resume.

Read the job descriptions of a press secretary before writing the resume. You must know the knowledge and skills essentials in seeking the position. The press secretary resume will act as an agent to describe your skills to the hiring managers. Sketch out the different resume components by reading the samples resume online. This will ensure that you have not left anything unattended.

After you have finished writing the press secretary resume, read it twice to ensure you have included your knowledge of economics and government. Since you will be serving as a mouthpiece for the government, this knowledge is an important part of your duties. Further, you must keep yourself posted about the current issues and public policies. The recruiters would also look for your ability to manage multiple projects under pressure. The following press secretary resume will show you how to include your knowledge and abilities to attract the hiring people.

Press Secretary Resume

John E. Chesser
4545 Masonic Hill Road
Little Rock, AR 72205
Phone: (501) XXX-4569
Email: jechesser@topsampleresume.com


To fetch a position of press secretary in a government or private organization and to use my public relations skills in promoting and creating a positive image in front of the people.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Complete knowledge of government and economy policies
  • Voracious reader to stay abreast with the current issues
  • Multi-tasking and ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent writing and spoken communication skills
  • Coordination and management skills
  • Knowledge about media and online communications
  • Excellent interpreter and creative thinker

Work Experience

Press Secretary
ABC Oil Corporation Ltd., Little Rock, AR
2008 – Present
  • Represent the company in developing relationships with stakeholders, clients, vendors, general public and the media
  • Answer queries raised by the media and the public
  • Invite media to spread the information about a product launch, takeovers or business amalgamation
  • Write articles and promotional materials for online and print media
  • Create awareness about the company’s future projects and developments
  • Conduct and coordinate product exhibitions
  • Plan and develop company’s goal and motivate employees in working towards achieving it
  • Handle all the secretarial tasks and liaison between the press and the higher management
Public Relation Officer
Internal Revenue Service
2006 – 2008
  • Managed all the communication task by creating its objectives and plan
  • Conducted public meetings and represented the government officials
  • Responded to media’s requests for information
  • Arranged public appearance of officials to inaugurate development programs
  • Wrote public speeches for the government officer for addressing the meeting
  • Disseminated the work and progress of Internal Revenue Service to the people
  • Conducted public opinion polls and surveys to receive feedback of the development programs
Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Journalism
New York University, New York

Available on request
It is important for both the public and private organization to hold a positive image in front of the public. The press secretaries are the medium through which the information about the government activities is passed to the people through the media.  Make use of this press secretary resume sample to serve a mouthpiece for you.

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