Thursday, 15 December 2011

Circus Agent Resume

Entertaining someone is an art, and like any other profession, it needs incredible skills and practice to perfect this task. One such great source of entertainment that has been witnessed for centuries is the circus. Circus is an event in which various artists, including animals perform skillful and funny tricks to amuse and inspire people. People visit the circus with friends and family and leave with a sense of satisfaction. However, have you thought for a while what goes into organizing the circus considering the fact that it comprises a large number of artists, animals and equipments? These stressful tasks are handled by circus agents, and to become one you need to have excellent management and marketing skills and a circus agent resume to promote your skills.

Consider this, the world is a stage, and until you promote your skills and abilities, no one would ever know what you are capable of. In the circus industry, you will never find a better source than the circus agent resume demonstrating your credentials. The circus agent resume sample given below is written to show the agent’s skills to the employers.
Circus Agent Resume

Glenn P. Love
4753 Selah Way
Brattleboro, VT 05301
Phone: (802) XXX-7129

Finding a position of circus agent where I can use my marketing, negotiating and interpersonal skills for the benefit of the employer.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Profound knowledge of the circus industry
  • Excellent management skills
  • Top-notch negotiator and well-known in the industry circle
  • Customer services skills
  • Knowledge of sales and marketing
  • Ability to represent the artists and performers to media
  • Impeccable persuasion skills
Work Experience
Circus Agent
Royal Circus Company, Brattleboro, VT
2008 – Present
  • Identify talents in individuals and develop personal and business contacts
  • Visit locations, and coordinate the date of performance
  • Seek permission from local authorities for organizing circus
  • Handle paper works and transportation of animals performing in circus
  • Arrange for the proper accommodation, foods, and basic necessity for staff and animals
  • Coordinate with the publication companies to advertise the circus
  • Develop contracts with organizations and collect payments as per terms
  • Solve clients issued by arranging meetings
  • Evaluate potentials clients, athletes, and performers by conducting auditions
  • Negotiate clients’ contractual rights with promoters, managers and union officials
  • Plan and schedule promotional activities for clients
  • Inspect performance facilities, equipments and suggest or request some specifications
  • Maintain accounting statements and performance records for clients
  • Guide clients on investment and taxes and other legal matters
  • Hire trainers and coaches to improve performance of staff
  • Inspect the safety equipments before performance
  • Arrange medical aids and make provision for immediate treatments in case of emergency
  • Negotiate with corporations on insurance matters
  • Supervision the sanitation and overall facilities provided to animals and performers
Bachelor’s Degree in Arts
City Community College, Brattleboro, VT

On request
Before writing the circus agent resume, read resume writing tips to understand how to start and end the writing process. Ensure that your resume is prepared specially to meet the employers’ requirements. Follow this sample resume of circus agent  whenever you want to apply for the circus agent job.

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