Monday, 12 December 2011

Fence Erector Resume

For security reasons, it is better to erect fences around every house, industrial establishments, and farms. Metal and wooden planks are used in building the fences. Not only do the fences give us peace of mind, but also help in maintaining privacy. It needs great deal of physical strength and knowledge to work with tools used in digging holes and building the barriers. This strenuous job is done by the fence erector. If your hands are used to doing rough jobs, and you are ready to brave the elements, then the job is for you. However, the first tool in your hand for the job should be a fence erector resume.

In this job, lots of physical strength is involved on mounting the fences in the designated areas. Apart from physical elements, the fence erector resume should add the knowledge of repairs works and mathematics. Because you will have to stand up new fences and do the repair work on machines and other tools. Besides repairing, you must have the skills to determine the type of tool needed for the job. The mathematics skills will help you to measure the length of the areas, height of the wooden planks and the metal bars used in the job.

In addition, the fence erector resume should demonstrate knowledge of basic things necessary to start and finish the fencing work. If you are not sure on presenting your skills and abilities, you can take help of resume samples from the internet. This sample resume given below will also help you in writing your resume.

Fence Erector Resume

Frederick L. Martin
654 West Drive

Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: (312) XXX-4564

To work as a fence erector and provide security as well as privacy to the business establishments, houses, and farms by standing up fences around it.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Adroit at dealing with all the manual work involved in fences erecting
  • Excellent flexibility to bend, twist, and stretch arms and legs
  • Strength to lift, pull and carry objects
  • Complete knowledge of building and construction
  • Ability to present clear and logical presentations
  • Knowledge to determine time, cost, size, distance and quantities of materials needed to perform work
  • Ability to understand clients’ needs and work accordingly
  • Complete knowledge of tools and materials used in the trade
  • Hand-on experience in repairing machines and other tools
Work Experience
Fence Erector
Skyline Builders Inc., Chicago, IL
2008 – Present
  • Measure areas and dig postholes with digger, power-driven auger and spade
  • Mark fence line using measure tape for postholes
  • Repair and erect wooden and metal fences around farms as per clients’ request
  • Align and verify posts alignment using plumb bobs
  • Use dynamite in hard surfaced or rock formed areas to dig postholes
  • Set wooden or metal posts in straight position in posthole
  • Use spade to mix concrete and paste it around the posts for firm grip
  • Support the post by attaching fence-rail using pliers and hammer
  • Provide support through the rail by cutting and inserting metal tubing
  • Attach tension wires at the bottom of posts for forming fencing frame
  • Tighten chain links, wire mesh and wire to hold the posts
  • Insert or nail rails in the slots of posts
High School Diploma

St. Mary High School, Chicago, IL

Available on request
The fence erectors are responsible for installing fences that are strong, safe and solves the clients’ purpose. If you are skilled in using carpentry tools, and have some designing abilities, then the fence erector job is for you. Customize this fence erector resume sample when applying for the job.


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