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Music Arranger Resume

There is no shortage of job in the music industries. There are various types of music you can specialize in. Job as a music arranger needs lots of dedication, musical skills and good interpersonal skills. When applying for the job, the music arranger resume must convey the theoretical knowledge of music, and ability to merge two different tunes into one, including sound orchestration.

The music arranger resume should clearly indicate your musical specialization. It must inform the employers that you are capable of meeting deadlines and producing scores without errors. Further, the music scores you would be creating should suit the type of project you are working in. You must show your skills in judging the combination of different things to produce the expected results.

The music arranger will have to participate in the meeting with producers, music composers to discuss the scores and project’s budget. This shows that the music arranger resume must include communication and persuasion skills. If you have not written a resume for a longer time, download the free resume template and resume samples to tailor it to your profile. Your purpose would even be solved by this sample of music arranger resume.

Music Arranger Resume

Maurice K. McCauley
3465 Stoney Lane
Richardson, TX 75081
Phone: (972) XXX-7326


Seeking a position of music arranger where I can apply the theoretical, counterpoint and orchestration knowledge in creating musical scores suiting to the projects.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of sounds and techniques used in composing
  • Excellent hands-on experience in playing synthesizer, keyboard and piano
  • Ability to create original ideas for each project
  • Excellent hearing sensitivity to identify the sound variations
  • Focused in work and never gets distracting with other sounds
  • Ability to communicate clear and precise ideas in writing
  • Excellent interpersonal, coordination and interpretation skills
Work Experience

Music Arranger
Footlight Entertainment Company, Richardson, TX
2008 – Present

  • Create new variation from existing piece of music
  • Compose and transcribe musical scores 
  • Collect various musical compositions and create a music library
  • Listen, understand tunes and turn into a new score to be used in orchestra, play, movie, or operas
  • Change the musical composition and make it suitable for choral group, band or individual
  • Rewrite or arrange a piece of music for an instrument or medium other than that originally intended
  • Generate ideas to convert original composition into notation
  • Converse with musician, producers and directors to produce ideas for music
  • Make scores using keyboards and synthesizers for expected effect
  • Identify the project theme by picking up parts from compositions for performance
  • Coordinate the musicians’ rehearsal activities 
  • Change a piece of score with different instrument and voice
  • Interpret the scripts and create appropriate scores 
  • Direct and supervise orchestra or band
  • Audition and train singers 
  • Assist the musician team in completing the project
  • Revise the composition by using sound software


Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Music
New York University, New York

On request

The music arranger has to work with choral groups, orchestra, solo artists and groups to create the original piece of scores from the existing compositions. If you have the complete knowledge of music and its composition, interpretation and arrangements skills, take help from this music arranger sample resume to start your musical career.

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