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Farm Equipment Mechanic Resume

Farm equipments have helped in improving agricultural productivity. The food supply need of the country is catered with these tools as production is faster and easier. However, to ensure continuous productivity, the farming community has to perform regular maintenance on these tools that aids the production process. This critical task is handled by mechanics. If you are interested in the technicalities of these machineries, then you can search for the job with a farm equipment mechanic resume.

In order to get employed, you must demonstrate your skills and abilities appropriate to the job. When employers read the farm equipment mechanic resume, they try to figure whether you have installed, repaired, and maintained farm equipments. You must show them that you know how to install equipment correctly and as per its specification. Your ability to repair and perform maintenance work is also essentials to gauge your capabilities. So, ensure that you have included these three basic skills in the farm equipment maintenance resume.

If you are finding yourself on the back sit when describing your skills and abilities, pick few resume samples from the internet for reference. However, use them strictly for reference purpose only. Feel free to take help from this farm equipment mechanic resume sample given below to write your resume.

Farm Equipment Mechanic Resume
John J. Haynes
3684 Atha Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: (661) XXX-7152

I am looking for a mechanical position in an established farm where I can utilize my skills and experience in repairing, installing, and trouble-shooting all sorts of new and used farm equipments.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Ability to perform all the mechanical work needed in farm equipments
  • Strong hearing sensitivity to understand the difference between sound variations in machine parts
  • Skilled in rectifying and planning steps in repairing equipments
  • Flexibility and sturdiness ability while performing work
  • Good eyesight to identify minute parts in equipments
  • Ability to recognize and think logically on countered problems
Work Experience:
Farm Equipment Mechanic
ABC Farm Equipment Manufacturer, Los Angeles, CA
2008 – Present
  • Detect, adjust, repair and overhaul tractors, irrigation systems, harvesters and other farming equipments
  • Assemble machines and equipments for repair
  • Identify defective parts and replace it with new using hand tools
  • Perform test on wiring and electrical components and replace it using correct tools such as soldering equipment, test meters and hand tool
  • Driver truck to the site for repair work
  • Use engines lathes, drill presses and other tools to fabricate metal parts
  • Maintain records of part used and repair work for correct billing
  • Check and repair worn-out parts from machines
  • Lubricate parts and overhaul engines
  • Dismantle the old part and install the new ones
  • Talk and listen to clients’ requests carefully to understand problems
  • Check irrigation equipments, sprinkler system and plumbing for repair and installation

Bachelor’s Degree in Engine Mechanics
Universal University, Los Angeles, CA

On-site job training at Freelance Farm Equipments
Los Angeles, CA


Will be provided on request

The farm equipment mechanic has to visit their clients and solve their problems as soon as possible to avoid any further delay in the production processes. If you are efficient in handling repair works on farm equipment, then this sample resume of farm equipment mechanic will match with your job profile.


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