Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Potter Resume

Whenever you see an artistic piece of work in ceramics, there is a possibility that someone might have applied his/her creative skills behind producing the object. And that someone is the potter. Potters design and mold the clay to form a piece of art. Most of the potters are either self-employed or worked with the traders who seek their services for selling the handcrafted pottery. If you have the dedication, diligence, and artistic skills, then explore all your creativity in making a potter resume.

The potter resume is written to showcase your skills in creating art pieces from clay. This could be bowls, pots, mugs, vases, plates and a decorative piece. As a potter, you must illustrate your ability to design, execute, and paint an art piece. Education will be the secondary criteria for selection for the job. Nevertheless, an artistic qualification could yield a better result. All you need to communicate through the potter resume is your creative skills and ability to interpret and design as per customers’ requirements.

The job also needs good communication skills when interacting with the clients for creating custom art pieces. You are as well expected to research and identify the current industrial trends to enhance your skills and meet customers’ taste. So, include your communication, interpersonal and research skills in the potter resume. You can start creating the potter resume by referring to the examples of resumes to know about the resume components. Use this sample of the potter resume to shape your future.
 Sample Potter Resume

James E. Macarthur
4364 Steve Hunt Road
Miami Springs, FL 33166
Phone: (305) XXX-5646


Seeking a position of a potter in the art industries where I can explore my creative abilities in creating handcrafted pottery both for utility and decorative purposes.

Summary of Qualifications:
  • Creative and artistic talents in designing
  • Good interpretation and communication skills
  • Ability to design, execute and create custom orders
  • Skilled in conducting research and surveys to identify market trends
  • Knowledge of all the process and apparatus used in creating pottery
  • Energetic and excellent team player
Work Experience
Fine Art Galleries, Miami Springs, FL
2009 – Present
  • Plan the design and artwork of the object and make clay preparation
  • Mount the clay on the potter’s wheel to form the object’s shape
  • Shape the clay with hands while it is rotating on the potter wheel
  • Maneuver the speed of the wheel according to the clay shape and firmness
  • Ensure the proper placement of the clay in the center before rotating the potter wheel
  • Separate the finished piece from the base of article and wheel by pulling wire
  • Verify size of the finished piece using calipers
  • Place the object to dry
  • Design new and custom pieces according to customers’ orders
  • Document a record of daily production
  • Travel to places for participating in craft shows and exhibitions
  • Study and create bowl, vessels, cups, vases, and decorative ceramic pieces

High School Diploma
ABC Convent High School, Miami Springs, FL

On-Job Pottery Training
Mach Decent Pottery

On request
Your contribution to the art world is important. Handcrafted materials always have a special feeling for its users. Contribute your share of creative and artistic skills by working as a potter with help of this potter resume sample.

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