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Stone Carver Resume

Stone carving is an ancient art, and a powerful tool to express some of our pre-historical works. We owe a lot to stone carvers who have kept this art still alive. Today, the stone carving art has turned out to be an economy booster for the country. With the talent of stone carvers, the country can fill its treasury by building monuments and attracting tourists from the world over. If you have the desire to do something for your country that could get recognition in the world map, a career as a stone carver is the right option. And to sculpt your career, you need to have a stone carver resume.

In the stone carving profession, stone chisel is the most important tool to make an object by cutting it from the stone. Likewise, the stone carver resume is the professional tool that helps in gaining an employment. It serves as a transcript of your work history. While applying, you can enclose few photographs of your carving work for the employers’ reference. If you are familiar with the internet, you can avail services of companies to build your own website to display your work.

The employers should know through the stone carver resume the carving design you have created on stone. It should transcribe your artistic skills and ability to produce the exact shape and figure as per the need of the project. If writing a resume shakes your hands, read resume writing tips and download a resume template. You can also use this stone carver resume sample to save your time.

Stone Carver Resume
Angel M. Herbert
2561 Bottom Lane
Getzville, NY 14068
Phone: (716) XXX-4512
Email: amherbert@ytopsampleresume.com


I am fascinated with the traditional arts of carving and want to work hard in keeping this art form alive. I can achieve this goal by working in a position of a stone carver. This position will allow me to contribute my share towards boosting the tourism industry by carving attractive structures.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Ability to conceptualize the formation of art works
  • Strong creative and artistic skills
  • Cultivate a feeling of satisfaction in clients’ minds
  • Great control in hands while using conventional and modern tools for carving
  • Excellent interpretation and interpersonal skills
  • Flexible with working hours
  • Eager to explore places for project work
  • Skilled in researching the types of stones suitable for a particular project
  • Ability to gauge the characteristic of stones
Work Experience
Stone Carver
Flash Stone Carving Inc., Getzville, NY
2009 – Present
  • Analyze the structure of stone before starting the carving work
  • Carve with help of hand tools to make design and figures out of stone
  • Cut the stone so that they stand out slightly against a flat surface
  • Work with sense and sensibility to produce consistent shape in object
  • Study blue prints or sketches to analyze the design before using tools
  • Draw outline on stone using chalks, calipers, compass or scriber
  • Visualize the design and make necessary changes in lay out
  • Study the intricacy of design and select appropriate tools such as chisels or pneumatic
  • Prepare a rough draft on stone by chipping with tools like a wooden hammer and stone chisel
  • Trim, cut or shape the finished object
  • Use firm hands while using the hammer to achieve consistency in depth and cut
  • Compare sketches with the carved object to determine analogy by using caliper, rule and square
  • Use rubbing stone to smoothen the surface of carved object
  • Cut stones to achieve a consistent shape for masonry work
Certification in Stone Carving
Getzville Community Centre for Vocational Training, Getzville, NY

On request
As a stone carver, you should have the knack to select and choose the right stone for your carving work. Each stone has its own weight, hardness and softness. To master the art of stone carving, you must be acquainted with stones’ characteristic. When you are ready and have achieved the skills of working with hand tools, use this stone carving resume sample to carve your career.

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