Tuesday, 13 December 2011

District Adviser Resume

The job hunting process is a rigorous task. You need to take efforts to take appropriate steps and stay ahead of the competition. Resume is one of the few important documents that you would send to the employer. Hence, it is essential to keep some time aside to plan and draft your resume. When you are drafting a resume for the post of district adviser, you must focus on work experience, education and achievements before drafting the resume ,see some resume examples of district advisor. The employers have just few second to read your resume. Hence, appropriate formatting of your resume is important. You can use bold, italic and underline to highlight details. To list important details in your district adviser resume, you can make use of bullet points. Before you draft your resume, you can go through the example of district adviser resume provided below.

Following is a district adviser resume sample:
Bradley B. Summers
4895 Kidd Avenue
Chignon Lake, AK 99564
Home: 907-845-2479
Cell No: 907-489-7845
Email-id: bradley.s@abc.com

Job Objectives:
To work as a district adviser in a well-known financial firm that believes in providing excellent financial services to its customers.

Work Experience:

District Adviser, ATS Financial Services, AK, March, 2008 to present

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Assessing the work of entire financial team at the district headquarters
  • Sending financial reports to the higher management
  • Coordinating the work of team members assigned to me
  • Conduct survey and give suggestion to improve the performance of the company

Assistant District Adviser, Influx Financial Services, AK, June, 2005 to March, 2008

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • To work in coordination of the senior adviser to create plans to meet short term goals of the firm
  • Monitoring work of the entry level candidates or part time advisers
  • To provide training to the entry level candidates of the finance department
  • Responsible for improving sales of the company and acquiring new clients
  • Setting targets for new employees and assisting them to achieve their targets

Masters of Business Administration (Specialization – Finance), St. Teresa College of Management, 2005
Bachelors of Business Administration (Specialization – Finance), St. John College, 2003


Tom D. Souza
Managing Director
ATS Financial Services
1452 Flower Avenue
Chignon Lake, AK 99564
Cell No: 907-489-1452
Email-id: tom@abc.com

Peter N Smith
HR Head

ATS Financial Services
1452 Flower Avenue
Chignon Lake, AK 99564
Cell No: 907-489-1452
Email-id: tom@abc.com

The district adviser resume sample provided above is drafted considering essential points that should be included in a district adviser resume. You must spend some time to proofread your resume, once you have finished drafting it.

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