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Lyricist Resume,Sample Lyricist Resume

If you are humming a favorite song of yours, give all the credit to the writer who has poured in all his/her feelings behind that melody. And that creative person is none other than a lyricist. Lyricist or a poet is someone who weaves words to tell a story, message, inspire, or help in celebrating the special moments of life. These songwriters love to be in their own thoughts and are often lost in the world of words. They are the exceptional talents who have no limitations of inspiration. These ambassadors of words work as a freelancer, or in a music company. If you have the skills to inspire, console a broken heart, or help someone to win hearts, get on to the musical voyage by writing a lyricist resume.

Many would feel that why someone should write a lyricist resume when the composition they have created is sufficient to testify their efficacy. Moreover, having created a field circle does help in spreading words of one’s caliber. It is agreed! However, to reach to the employment stage through a proper channel, you have to write the lyricist resume. The resume is essential because the employers may not know what type of audiences you have catered to through your creations. With the help of the lyricist resume, they can understand your specialization.

Writing the lyricist resume should not be difficult for someone who is a master of words. You just have to grab the right resume template and few resume samples to understand the structure. Once you have the format, all you need is to pen down your qualifications and work experience matching with the job. The lyricist resume sample provided below will direct you in furnishing your skills to the employers.

Sample Lyricist Resume

David S. Smith

1033 Kimberly Way
Grand Rapids, MI 49508
Phone: (616) XXX-4525

I would like to be remembered as a lyricist catering to all types of age-group by inspiring them emotionally and physically to overcome all obstacles of their lives with my creative writing.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Enthusiastic reader and excellent writer with an ability to write songs for all age-groups
  • Excellent knowledge of music
  • Ability to inspire people with words
  • Skilled in meeting deadlines
  • Ability to write songs for all types of music
  • Brilliant coordination and interpersonal skills
  • Comfortable in playing the flute, piano and guitar
  • Familiar with the technical aspects of song recording
  • Highly flexible in working any numbers of hours
Work Experience
Humming Music Company, Grand Rapids, MI
2009 – Present

Write songs for all types of music such as hip hop, jazz, rock, pop

Write words that fit the music already composed by musicians
Create melody for drama, play, or publications
  • Research and understand new trends in music to write lyrics
  • Analyze the theme or situation and produce right words to match it
  • Write meaningful words to express feelings, experience or idea
  • Listen and maintain a song library of the past and recent hits to generate idea
  • Tell a story through song phrases and educate listeners by creative writing
  • Be realistic in spreading the actual happening in and around the globe
Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing

University of New York, New York
Diploma in Music
University of New York, New York

On request
Lyricists are those born talents who are remembered for their creative writing, even after they have shifted their abode to the heaven. If you want to inspire millions with your words and leave a trace for other aspirants to follow your suit, begin your job with this lyricist resume sample.


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