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Elementary School Administrator Resume

The Elementary School Administrator is responsible for managing and administrating the work of elementary school. Most employers would prefer candidates with master's degree or PhD. The two aspects you need to lay emphasis on in your resume example are professional experience details and academic background. As you are applying for higher hierarchy administrative job profile, you must focus only on your relevant work experience details and make sure that your resume is not lengthy. To make sure that the employer is interested to read your elementary school administrator resume, you must focus on certain important details as mentioned in the resume provided below.

Following is the sample of Elementary School Administrator resume:

Nicholas E. Chappell
1202 Frank lee Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Home: 484-548-9405
Cell No: 484-548-1478

Job Objectives:

I would like to work as an Elementary School Administrator in a School that believes in providing excellent education, and exposure to extracurricular activities for overall development of their students.

Work Experience:

Elementary School Administrator, St. Peters School, 1997 to present

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Managing and coordinating all the administrative work in the school
  • Creating plans for events, budgets and educational goals of the students
  • Conducting regular meeting with the teachers, administrative staff, students and parents to ensure the smooth running of the organization
  • Recruitment of new administrative and teaching staff
  • Attending meeting with the school trustees to keep them updates about the schools progress

Elementary School Teacher, St. Teresa School, 1990 to 1997
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Teaching the elementary school students, according to the syllabus provided by the school
  • Making sure that the syllabus is completed on time
  • Providing extra attention to students who find it difficult to grasp certain subjects
  • Attending administrative meeting and providing tips about improving the standard of education
  • Making sure that first aid is available in the classroom in case of any emergency
  • Interacting with parents during any parent–teacher meetings and keeping them updated about their children performance in academic, sports and other extracurricular activities
PhD in Child Physiology, Philadelphia University
Master of Educational Sciences, Philadelphia University
Bachelor of Commerce, Philadelphia University

Attended the seminar for elementary school administrators organized by the XYZ association

Associations:Member of the Elementary School Administrator Association


James E. Hodgkin
HR Manager
St. Peters School
1475 Monroe Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Cell No: 484-548-9856

Alfred S. Johnston
HR Head
St. Teresa School
7458 Albert Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19197
Cell No: 484-548-1562

The elementary school administrator resume sample mentioned above can be used for reference.

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