Thursday, 22 December 2011

Entry Level Accountant Resume

There has been an estimated growth of 16% in the number of job opportunities in the accounting industry. Accountants are needed in varying industries like manufacturing, information technology, electronic, service industry etc. Entry level candidates applying for the post of accountant should make sure that they highlight certain essential details in their resume to improve their chances of getting selected for the job. Most candidates have some professional work experience, but do not mention it correctly in their resume. You should highlight your professional experience, internship experience, academic achievements, and participation in extra-curricular activities in your entry level accountant resume.
Most professionals with work experience use chronological resume format that places emphasis on the candidates work experience. As an entry-level candidate you need to use functional resume that emphasizes the candidate's skills and achievements. Most candidates think that resume writing is a difficult task. But if you plan your resume writing well then it would be an easy task. Make a list of thing you wish to include and highlight in your resume. Your resume should include sections like contact information, job objective, skills and achievements, professional experience or internship experience, academic details and references.
The contact information section should contain generic contact details that the employer can use to contact you. The job objective should include your career goal. Write down the kind of job you are looking for and where do you wish to move ahead in your career. The skills and achievements gained through your previous jobs should be included in your entry level accountant resume. Highlight generic skills such as interpersonal skills, leadership skills and ability to work in team. Provide details about your professional expertise; let the recruiters know that you have through knowledge of bookkeeping, account payable, account receivable. Those candidates, who have previous used accounting software, should mention it in the skills section. You may even create a different section called computer proficiency and include proficiency to use accounting software and other generic software like Tally, SAP, Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms PowerPoint, Ms Access, and Ms Outlook.
During graduation most candidates have to do internship, hence candidates can mention their internship details. List your roles and responsibilities during internship. As entry level candidates do not have much relevant work experience, it is essential to highlight academic details. The entry level accountant resume should be drafted considering candidate's professional experience and academic achievements.


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  2. Thanks for sharing this valuble information and it is useful for us.we also provides Entry Level Resume Writing

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