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Certified Public Accountant Resume

A certified public accountant resume should comprise lots of things considering the diverse jobs and tasks performed in this profession. The job of a certified public accountant is full of responsibilities where they prepare income tax returns based of the information provided by the accounts department. Whether you are working or self-employed, giving advice to the management and clients will be your outlook. Since lots of changes are implemented as per your suggestions, you need to have an extensive knowledge about your trade, including the legal rules and regulations levied on the accounting industry.

Since you will be one of the components that will be steering the wheels of the finance department, the employers expect something more than just brilliant in a certified public accountant resume. It should not be a difficult task in framing yourself as the captain of the ship. A good resume template will help you in this task, and gaining the confidence of the employers. It will help you in outlining your experiences and achievements to the employers needs.

Certified Public Accountant Resume Template

Personal Information

This should be the beginning of your resume template. You must include your name in full, permanent or current correspondence address, telephone number, and email address.

Job or Career Objective

Nobody joins a profession without any purpose. There is always some goal in joining it. You must define your goals, and what types of responsibilities you want to handle for the company.

As a certified public accountant, you can state your career objective in this way, "To use my skills and experience in setting up accounting systems for the company, and prepare authentic financial reports, and income tax returns parallel with the accounting standards."

Work Experience

When applying for the job, you must juice up your work experience to the readers’ taste. The work experience will decide whether you will be called for an interview, or simply asked to try again the next time. Hence, it should be properly formatted so that the employers can easily make out what activities you have carried out in your previous job. The ideal way to write your work experience should be in this way:

Universal Software Solutions       (name of the company)
March 2002 – December 2006   (starting and ending date of employment)
Senior Accountant                       (job title you hold)

The responsibilities should come below this in bullet points. Your experience should read something like the following:

• Conducing audits for the company as per the standard accounting practices
• Prepared income tax returns based on the furnished accounting details
• Prepared financial reports
• Provided suggestions to the management in saving taxes
• Represented the company before the state taxing authorities in solving charges for violating tax regulations
• Assisted management in preparing the annual budget, and alerted them from investing in wrong projects

Career Achievements

When you have worked in an organization at this position for some time, there is something special you are expected to do, or might have done. That special thing must go under this heading in your certified public accountant resume.

For example, you can describe your achievements as:

• Managed submission of financial reports to the income-tax department on time
• Planned and provided assistance to the company in financial management
• Helped in eliminating losses incurred to the tune of several hundred dollars by correcting deficiencies in the accounting system
• Supervised an accounting team assigned for accounts payable and receivables, payroll preparation, collections, and financial reporting
• Assisted attorneys in various issues cropped after post-audit, and in the litigation preparation to counter misconduct charges imposed by the taxing authority

Educations and Certification

The educational details should be mentioned in the tabular form with the most-recent degree or certification at the top of the list.

Bachelors in Accounting
New York University of Accounting, 2008

Honors and Affiliations

If you have something to fill under this heading, it will help to add some glitter in your resume. Add about a seminar where you have addressed accountants from public and private sectors. If you are registered with any social organization, or honorary society, include it to let the employers raise the brow as a sign of appreciation.

• Member of XYZ association of certified accountants


If the employer likes your profile, they will definitely ask you to provide some references. So, it is better to write, "As per request."

See, how simple is it is to write your certified public accountant resume with the help of this template. The examples in the experience and achievements heading may not match with yours. It is just added for your reference so that you may feel it easy to describe yours.


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