Thursday, 17 November 2011

Auditor Resume

An auditor resume should be full of details. You have to consider lots of things when writing it. You need to make sure that you are presenting yourself from the job’s point-of-view. Auditing is not a simple job, and the position of the auditor is offered to an experienced person. You have to convince the employers about your auditing skills in a professional manner.

Auditing jobs require great accuracy in reviewing the financial status of a company. You should apply the same amount of precision in writing your auditor resume. Whenever an auditing is done, the company gets a clear picture about the financial position, or standing in the market. The audit report rectifies what went wrong and the steps to be taken in the future to minimize errors in the financial operations. When your resume is being read by the employers, they need to see the same clarity. This is achievable only by paying attention to every single detail in your resume sample. The format, font selection and its size also holds importance when applying for the job.

Start by typing your personal information. The alignment would depend on your preference, but it looks better when aligned at the center of the page. Give it an appearance of letterhead.

Next, you should mention your career objective. It should be concise and precise focusing on the need of the employers. Keep one thing in mind that employers are interested in finding what help you could be to them. Are you someone worth investing their time and money in? As an auditor, your career objective should be something like this, “To use my skills and experience in reviewing accounting records in finding out the financial position of the company, and prepare an accurate financial report based on my analysis."

It is time to describe your work experience. The position of auditor is important for every company because they decide the costing, pricing and profits of the company. The auditors’ report helps the company to grow and stay stable in the market. Therefore, mere listing few of the actions of your previous job would not be sufficient in getting the job. You need to show the employers that you know your tools and trade very well, and you can do the job with precision. The expectations from you are more than an accountant or any other senior accounting positions. So, try to stand out as per their expectations.

The experience details should be in a convincing manner that could drive the employers to call you for an interview. The format of your work experience should be in this manner:

         Company Name
         Duration of Work
         Job Title/Designation

Start with the recent work experience. Give more important to achievements as it will generate the employers’ interest in your profile.

Detail your educational and other related qualifications after the work experience in a table style. Again, start with the recent degree or certification you have obtained. Follow this style:

         Recent highest degree
         Institution name, city and state
         Degree, specialization and year of passing
         Other Special Training

If you are affiliated with any honorary society, or have completed any special exams, or have attended or conducted any seminars or conferences, add it under the title 'Honors.' For example:

         Member of Institute of Internal Auditors
         Member of Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

You can also add any community work done by you. This will show the employers that you care and contribute your part towards the community. No doubt, the competition in the auditing field is tougher. If you inculcate all these things mentioned over here in your auditor resume example, you are likely to get the job.

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