Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Account Executive Resume

Account Executive
Most of us believe that a resume is just a typed document where we provide information about our work history and qualifications. In reality, it is much more than simply accumulating your acquired skills, job experience, and educational background in one place. To put in simple words, I would say 'A resume is a document that reflects your personality in a positive way, and helps the prospective employers to understand how better you are than your peers.' Moreover, it should develop eagerness in the employers’ mind to meet you in person. Hence, while writing your account executive resume, you have to consider how you can present yourself in the best possible way.

These days, lots of competitions have been infiltrated in the job market. You have to put a good fight in finding a job in your field, especially job for executive positions. You hardly get to see that job for an executive position is making a headline in any of the job portals, or been published in the newspaper. If you are lucky to come across any such vacancy, then you will have to appear in a better way than others to grab the opportunity in your favor.

As an account executive, your primary responsibility will be to maintain the existing customers of the company, and divert alien customers into the company’s accounts. The account executive resume must include something important and worth noticeable from your previous jobs. If you really want to turn the job advertisement into an offer, you have to make it different from other applicants.

An account executive resume will include both the past and the current experiences, including all the accrued skills. Some may not be of any interest to the employer you are applying to, but who knows after some time you may have to use those skills if hired. As an entry-level account executive, you will have to track costs and accounts within your department. Therefore, the employers would like to see whether you can manage the accounts on your own, or least supervision. Satisfy their doubts by including previous and similar type of experiences that you would need to perform if employed in the position.

Additional skills such as communication, interpersonal, time-management, client and vendor relations and project management should go under the heading of professional summary. You have to slog for few years to acquire all these skills. However, be confident with skills in your hand and include it in the resume.

If you have worked in some complex matters, or contributed your efforts in solving any of the critical problems the company has faced, describe it as your achievements. Show the employers that they can rely on you to tackle any types of complex job and uncertainty with confidence.

As pressure is part and parcel of every job, you should show the employers that you can work under any pressure without losing your cool and control. Some employers would like you to represent their service and product to clients. They would like to see whether you have the patience to listen to clients and understand their concerns. If you have these skills, highlight it in the resume.

Another important characteristic your account executive resume should exhibit is your flexibility and adaptability. This is necessary because you may need to travel at the short notice. Show the employers that you can manage any emergency or clients requirements without failing to fulfill the routine activity.

When applying for the account executive position, I will suggest you to find out the needs of the employers and demonstrate your understanding by creating your resume sample based on those needs. So, every time you apply, ensure to customize the resume in order to get notice from the employers.

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  1. I was in search of Accountant Jobs for many days, But probably my resume was not good enough to apply for jobs. I have made many changes in my resume and search online for sample resumes, the given article helped me a lot,in tailoring my resume and adding key-points that are acceptable by big companies or recruiters. Thanks for your kind help. please keep sharing such a nice post.