Sunday, 20 November 2011

Accounting Clerks Supervisor Resume

Accounting Clerks Supervisor

Accounting professionals are required in every industry and the employment of accounting professional has seen a steady improvement graph in the last few years. Accounting clerks supervisor are professionals, who are responsible for supervising the work of accounting clerks. They have to make sure that the accounting clerks are appropriately completing the task assigned to them such as managing accounts payable, bookkeeping, accounts receivable and other accounting ledgers. The recruiter will be judging you, based on your managerial abilities and professional experience in accounting. Hence, you need to highlight these details in your accounting clerks supervisor resume.
The essential points that you need to highlight in your accounting clerks supervisor resume to grab the recruiter's attention are as follows:
  • Skills and Achievements: Most resumes are drafted in generic format and they include work experience details mentioned below job objectives. When you are drafting resume for the post of accounting clerk supervisor remember that the recruiter would be interested to read about the skills, you gained through your previous jobs and your professional achievements. Make sure you list only those skills that are suitable for the job.
  • Professional Experience: As you are applying for the post of supervisor, you are expected to have relevant work experience in the accounting field. Provide the work experience details in reverse chronological order. Include details such as name of the organization, your designation, tenure at the organization, and major role and responsibilities. Let the recruiters know your major achievements, during the tenure at your previous jobs. If your team was selected as the best team or the team was able to achieve targets assigned to them, then include these details in your resume.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: You need to mention these details below each work experience details you provide. You can include details about the training you provided to the team members, how you supervised the work of your team members, solved problems or errors in the account calculations, and how you helped your team members to excel at work.
  • Knowledge of foreign language: If you are applying for job in a multinational company that has offices around the world, then you need to mention your multilingual skills. It will improve your chances of getting selected for the job.
The accounting clerks supervisor resume should be drafted after considering the important points that should be highlighted in the resume. It is essential to place emphasis on certain details as it provides you an edge over rest of the competition.

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