Sunday, 13 November 2011

Accounting Clerk Resume

Accounting Clerk
As an accounting clerk, you will either work in the accounts or a finance department. You will be maintaining a record by collecting receipts of daily expenses, and entering it in the register or the system. Further, filing and tallying the records of in-house cash and expenses will be your responsibility. To work as an accounting clerk, you should be good in calculation with good eye-sight to identify errors in numbers quickly and easily.

If you are planning to pursue an accounting clerk career, you need to have an associate degree, few experiences in hand, and an effective accounting clerk resume

Few points on writing accounting clerk resume:

         It is essential to consider expectations of the company, so that you can customize your resume accordingly. Find out, which software the company is using for the accounting purpose. The preference of the software will depend on the company. Nowadays, Peachtree and Quickbooks are widely used by companies. If you have worked in any of this accounting software, then you will definitely have an edge over others.

         If you are a fresher, then try to grab the employers’ attention with your academic achievements. Include your accounting qualification such as an associate degree. If you have a bachelor’s degree, it will just lift your chance of selection. While studying your accounting subject, you are required to do a project to get some practical experience. Further, you can brush up your skills by doing an internship in any small company. A fresher’s accounting clerk resume will be all about academic qualifications, project work and internship experience.

         The accounting clerk resume of an experienced candidate should list the employment history in a reverse order starting with the recent job held. This is because the employers are more interested to find what responsibilities you are handling recently. The details about your accounting experiences should be in parallel with the job applied for. If you have worked in a company as an accounting clerk, include the job you are doing on a regular basis. Include any special achievements you have accomplished in your work. Since numbers are the key factors in the accounting practice, include it in your resume like: “I have an experience working as an accounting clerk in XYZ Food and Beverage Company having a yearly turnover of $600,000.

         Accounting clerks can perform varied roles as per the need of the company. A company engaged in manufacturing consumable products would be interested in knowing whether you have used software like AS400, and coded invoices. The company may assign you the responsibility of accounts payable or accounts receivable. If you have handled accounts payable, then you need to include experience in reading and matching the invoices received from the vendors and traders with the purchase orders.  Include your experience in collecting payments from clients if you have handled accounts receivables.

You will have to do lots of data entry work as an accounting clerk. Therefore, while preparing the accounting clerk resume, show the employers that you are particular about details and are able to manage your time and other clerical stuff efficiently. If you have not tried your hand in any of the known software such as Peachtree or Quickbooks, or any other MS Office products, then include your willingness and adaptability to learn things quickly. The employers will recognize it, since nowadays, most companies use software that is customized with their accounting needs.


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