Monday, 14 November 2011

Account Manager Resume

Account Manager
Your skills and qualifications are the two essential factors that can get you the desired job. However, until and unless you present it effectively in your resume, the employers would not come to know about it. And when the job is for an account manager position, then the resume should be complete with detailed information.

An account manager position in an organization is important, and it needs a skilled person combined with supervisory and leadership qualities. The position needs to plan ways and methods in managing accounts. Good communication and interpersonal skills are essential to perform this job.

If you want to show the employers what you have done in your previous and current job, read on the tips given here to draft your account manager resume.

   Download one or two sample resumes from the internet that are written in a chronology format. Do not copy it since your qualifications and experience may not match with it. And even if does match, just use it as a ground rule for writing. Otherwise, the employers can easily make out from where you have copied it.

  Once you have samples resumes to refer, start with your personal information at the top of the resume and format it in a letterhead style centrally aligned. This will give a professional look to it, and the employers will find it convenient in contacting you, if your profile appeals them.

   Insert a thin line below your personal information and type your career objective. As an account manager you may include: Looking for a challenging position as an account manager and use my skills and experience in organizing accounts economically and efficiently.

   Summarize your work experiences either in a single paragraph or bullet points. Include skills and ability that you have achieved by working in the profession, until now. If you prefer to use bullet points then the professional summary should read as:

  Exceptional accounts management and supervision skills
  Ability to interact with clients, team and the management both verbally and in writing
  Skilled in drafting reports and budgets as per project needs

You can add six to eight relevant skills in this section. But ensure that you truly have it to avoid embarrassing yourself if crossed-checked during an interview.

   Type your work experience below the career objective. Start with your current employment. Name the company you are working in. The position or designation you are holding and the period you have been working since. Describe your responsibilities in simple sentences. Do not add all the responsibilities performed in one paragraph. Let the employers understand it better by describing it in bullet points. Show that you have supervised an account team, managed and assisted in project management, interacted with clients, prepared accounts reports and budgets for your department.

   Use action verbs when talking about your experience. Let the verb be in the present tense for a current job, and in the past tense for the previous jobs.

   After the experience, show the employers that you have relevant degree and training for the applied job. Name the college/university and the degree you have earned. Include the year as well. Like: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Management from XYZ University, 2004.

    One more thing you should consider here is the current happenings in the accounting industry. If this is something you have decided to retire with, then you must take efforts and keep yourself updated about things taking place in your profession. Adding such additional information and skills in your account manager resume will benefit you, and the employers would feel happy that you are matching step with the recent trends in the accounting industry.

When preparing your account manager resume, consider the need of the employer first. No company will ask you perform the same job. The needs would obviously differ. You have to show them what qualities you have and how it will be advantageous for the company. If you are able to satisfy the employers’ needs through your resume, an interview call will be definitely on the card.

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