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Progress Clerk Resume

Progress Clerk Resume
When some activity is going on, it is necessary to monitor it constantly till it reaches its final stage. The construction, manufacturing and the shipping industries apply this principle very effectively with the help of progress clerks. These progress clerks utilize their coordination and expediting skills to ensure smooth work flow. They collaborate with supervisors of different departments to understand the production schedule so that the required workforce and materials are available to accomplish the task. If you have the capacities of meeting deadlines, and experience to support the production process, prepare a progress clerk resume to apply.

When you are writing the progress clerk resume, you have to draw a distinct line of approach. It should start with knowing about the company. Get hints on what skills, qualities and experience are preferred for the position. Note down their expectations in a paper the same way you do while making a grocery list. Tick those points of the list you are sure about to fulfill it, and try to recollect examples from your work experience. You will have sufficient information that is specific to the position, and the progress clerk resume would meet its objective this way.

The progress clerk resume must include organizational and coordination skills since you will have to manage production resources. If you are writing the resume for a construction company, let it speak about your understanding of the similar industry. Both ways, you will be responsible for providing and looking after the work where materials and workforce are involved. The resume should also show your experience in handling clerical and administrative duties. In addition, it must show that you can maintain production records and logs, and draft work reports for the management’s reference.

Sample Progress Clerk Resume

Robert C. Gose
1720 Ross Street
New Haven, IL 62871
Phone: (618) XXX-2578


Seeking a challenging position of a progress clerk in an organization where my coordination and expediting skills would help in assisting the production process.

Summary of Qualifications
  • 5+ years of experience from manufacturing and construction company
  • Ability to coordinate with vendors, distributors and department supervisors
  • Skilled in expediting workflow
  • Good command in spoken and written language
  • Highly organized and dependable person
  • Adept in planning and building strategies
  • Professional and attitude for attention to details
  • Knowledge of maintaining and filing production records
  • Unusual abilities to manage time and prioritize workload
  • Excellent project interpretation and leadership skills
  • Great dexterity and multi-tasking ability
Work Experience
Progress Clerk
Rigid Steel Manufacturing Company, New Haven, IL
2009 – Present
  • Make workforce and materials available for the production process by coordinating with department supervisors
  • Review and work according to the production schedule
  • Monitor to the progress or production work, and ensure they are as per schedule
  • Analyze the production problems and try to solve it as soon as possible
  • Take details of inventory, production costs, materials supplied and used
  • Draft reports summarizing the information on progress of work
  • Schedule shipment dates for finished goods by communicating with the carriers
  • Fax, email, and make phone calls to vendors and ensure materials are supplied in time
  • Keep records of materials and finished goods stored in the warehouse
  • Facilitate and expedite supply of materials to the respective department

Progress Clerk
Paramount Construction Company, New Haven, IL
2007 – 2009
  • Monitored and recorded construction work progress
  • Reviewed and compiled information on daily activities at site
  • Kept records for ordered and used materials
  • Hold meeting with workers and solved their problems
  • Prepared progress report and submitted to site engineer
  • Inspected and analyzed the completed work


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
New York University, New York


On request

The duties of the progress clerk in the construction and manufacturing company may differ on a minor scale. However, there will not be any difference in skills and talent either way. Use this progress clerk resume sample to apply in any company.

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