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Helicopter Pilot Resume

Jobs in the aviation industry are available in varieties of form. You can choose your pick from ground jobs or to fly the chopper by becoming a helicopter pilot. Though the helicopter is smaller than any commercial aircraft, the training a helicopter pilot undergoes is tougher, lengthy and expensive compared to other pilots. If you want to earn a job, you need to showcase the pilot skills with help of a helicopter pilot resume.

Jobs for helicopter pilots are available in military, police department, news agencies, movie production company, and with government and private agencies. However, getting the job is equally challenging as getting a helicopter pilot license. The helicopter pilot resume should be written keeping in mind the most important question—why should the employer hire me? The answer to this question will help you in removing the hiring managers’ doubts about employing you.

In general, the helicopter pilot resume should show the types of duties you have successfully performed in your job. Whether you have piloted for a rescue operation, provided backup to the ground force through aerial firing, helped the police department to nab a suspect on the run, or helped a movie production company in filming an aerial action scene. The word you choose to describe your duties is important in conveying the message. The helicopter pilot resume should use words that spell action like the sample resume given below.

Sample Helicopter Pilot Resume

Bruce M. Cepeda
3094 Zappia Drive
Union, KY 41091
Phone: (859) XXX-4389


I would like to work as a helicopter pilot in any government or private agencies where my experience in operating helicopter in any terrain could be utilized to its maximum.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Experienced and licensed helicopter pilot
  • Skilled in flying helicopter in any weather conditions
  • Knowledge of the safety procedures required in any types of operations
  • Excellent voice clarity, good eyesight and hearing capabilities
  • Trained in reading route maps, drawings and sketches
  • Great organizational and coordination skills
  • Remarkable team player
  • Knowledge of safety hazards and fire fighting equipments
  • Ability to take logical and tactical decisions during emergencies
Work Experience
Helicopter Pilot
State of Kentucky Police Department, Union, KY
2008 – Present
  • Enforce law in the sensitive areas during critical situations by aerial patrolling
  • Respond quickly to any emergency or rescue operations
  • Provide aerial assistance to the ground force in pursing and nabbing criminals on the run
  • Inspect the helicopter engines and operating panels for safety and in regulation with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
  • Assist the fire department in extinguishing a fire in forests and tall buildings
  • Maintain a daily report on flight details, including fuel consumption
  • Provide backup to the ground staff fighting against public demonstrating or disrupting city’s peace
  • Operate the chopper for transporting goods from one place to another
  • Watch and guard important public meeting from the top and react instantly if any untoward incident happens
  • Work in tandem with the maintenance department for repair work
  • Respond to emergency calls to rescue and transport people from awkward position to safe place
  • Fly the chopper to the height of 11,000 feet for police patrolling missions

Education and Professional Training

High School Diploma
St. Wilson High School, Union, KY

SUPT / Helicopter
Air Force Flying School New York


On request

By opting to become a helicopter pilot, you serve the society by helping in maintaining law and order in the society, and working towards rescue missions. If you want to share your duty towards your people, use this helicopter pilot resume sample to fulfill it.


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