Sunday, 29 January 2012

Glider Pilot Resume

Even though you may be a proficient Glider Pilot, but you may miss getting the right job opportunity, if you do not send a well-written resume. It is important to highlight certain details in your resume, so that employer is able to easily read these details. The glider pilot resume must focus on details such as your professional experience, proficiency in flying Glider Plane. You can refer the resume example that is mention below to draft a well-planned, customized, smartly-written resume.
Sample of Glider Pilot Resume

Robert W. Breland

970 Nelm Street
Mclean, VA 22101
Home: (571) 280 9353
Mobile No.: (571) 280 1145

Professional Summary:
  • Over eight years of work experience as Glider Pilot
  • Proficient in flying a glider aircraft
  • Knowledge about safe landing in case of emergency
  • Won the Interstate Gliding Competition in 2010
  • Ability to learn new glider flying tricks and able to teach gliding to young professionals

Work Experience:

Title: Glider Pilot
Name of the Company: WRT Flight Sports Club
Duration: September, 2007 to present

Role and Responsibilities:
  • Inspect the glider engine and working of glider before actual flight
  • Ensure that the glider is balance as per the air pressure
  • Make sure that all the safety measures are followed before the flight
  • Won the Interstate Gliding Competition in 2010
  • Participated in the Interstate Gliding Competition in 2008
  • Teaching gliding to the students at the sports club
  • Ensure the safety of students during their flight practice

Title: Assistant Glider Pilot
Name of the Company: ASD Flight Club
Duration: June, 2003 to September, 2007

Role and Responsibilities:
  • Assisted the Glider Pilot in inspecting the working of glider
  • To make sure that the students at the flight club are aware about all the safety measures
  • Participates in the XYZ Gliding Competition in 2006
  • Sending daily flight schedule and training report to the management
  • Glider Pilot training, ADS Gliding Training Institute, 2003
  • High School Diploma, St Teresa High School, 2001

Member of the Virginia Glider Pilot Association


Name: Andrew S. Ken
Designation: HR Head
Name of the Company: WRT Flight Sports Club
Address: 970 Nelm Street, Mclean, VA 22101
Mobile No.: (571) 280 1178

Name: Samuel L. White
Designation: HR Manager
Name of the Company: ASD Flight Club
Address: 114 Apple Street, Mclean, VA 22101
Mobile No.: (571) 280 7469

The resume sample for Glider Pilot provided above has been created after considering few vital details that you need to focus on in resume for Glider Pilot.


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