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Air-Traffic Controller Resume

Managing traffic, whether on ground or air is necessary for smooth flow and to eliminate risks of lives. Road traffic is controlled both manually and with the computerized systems. The air traffic, on the other hand, needs extra vigilance and manning considering the scale of disaster that may result out of negligence. Therefore, the job of the air traffic controller is critical and requires a great amount of agility and dexterity. The controllers’ job is very challenging since they have to ensure the safe journey of the aircraft right from where the aircraft takes off and lands. If you have the capacity to work under pressure and are good at arithmetic skills, you may work at this position by applying for the job with an air-traffic controller resume.

To write the air-traffic controller resume, you must know the duties and responsibilities included in this position. You are expected to pass on the necessary information to the pilot with a proper communication system as to when to take off and land the aircraft. It is not as simple as it may sound, and that is the reason it is considered as the most difficult job compare to all other jobs. Your main responsibility to avoid the possibilities of collision at the time of take-offs and landing. So, when writing the air traffic controller resume, try to convey that you are a responsible person, and you are aware of the outcome arising due to negligence on duty.

Remember, the need of the air-traffic controller resume is to show your skills and experience. It should speak about your organization and ability to work with numbers since you have to measure the height of the altitudes and convey it to the pilots. Further, the employers would like you to have excellent hearing and speaking skills. If you are not getting the head start in writing the resume, resume writing tips on the internet will help you. You can read this sample resume of air-traffic controller to understand the resume components and format.

Air Traffic Controller Resume

Brandon J. Lewis
150 Flying Court
Chicago Park, CA 95712
Phone: (222) XXX-7424


I am a well-organized person with sound hearing and speaking capacities supported by years of air traffic controlling experience. I would like to work in this position and apply my skills and experience in keeping the investment and lives safe with precise communications.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Excellent numerical and decision-making abilities
  • Comfortable with the telecommunications systems used in controlling air traffic
  • Well-organized and with excellent memory
  • Ability to communicate information precisely and concisely
  • No medical ailments and possess sound health
  • Knowledge of sound and light equipments, including computer
  • High level of concentration and least distracted while on job
  • Complete understanding about air traffic policies and procedures
Work Experience

Air Traffic Controller
Central Airport, Chicago
2008 – Present
  • Ensure the safety of all commercial airplanes taking off and landing in the airport
  • Coordinate with different air stations and air traffic control agencies to relay and receive flights’ information
  • Provide information to pilots about altitude and weather conditions
  • Ensure safe distances between planes to avoid accidents
  • Coordinate and handle the aircraft movements in the airport
  • Participate in the assigned mental and physical exercise to keep fit
  • Authorize the take-off and landing of aircraft
  • Relay timely information to the pilots about the ground conditions
  • Communicate the changes in flights’ schedule, including the arrival and departure
  • Maintain a two-way communication with control centers for transferring incoming and outgoing flights’ authorization
  • Determine the air routes by studying weather conditions and fuel requirements
  • Alert the emergency facilities in times of difficulties faced by flights
  • Assist in the search operation of missing aircraft
  • Inspect and adjust the working conditions of airport lights and radio equipments
  • Maintain an accurate log of all commercial flights using the airport facilities
  • Comply with the pilots’ request on change in altitude by checking conditions and traffic
Bachelor’s Degree in Air Traffic Control
ABC University, Chicago


On request
As an air traffic controller, you will be monitoring and directing the movement of aircraft, both on ground and assigned air space. It is your duty to ensure safety and minimize flights’ delays. If you are trying for the job, use this  air-traffic controller resume sample to convey essential information to the employers.

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